Help to Ukraine

The Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union would like to express its solidarity with Ukraine and unequivocally condemns the Russian Federation’s attack on a neighbouring country. This action is contrary to the basic principles of humanity and democracy. At the same time, the UNSS expresses its support for the Ukrainian Association of the Blind and offers a helping hand to visually impaired Ukrainians who are in the Slovak Republic.

The situation in Ukraine affects us directly, and that is why we are mobilizing our human and material capacities to be able to help in a coordinated and long-term manner. In this effort, we have joined forces with our long-term partner I.Lions Club Košice and we are communicating with other Lions Clubs in Slovakia with the aim to prepare targeted and effective support.

We currently provide this assistance:

  • Accommodation in the city of Košice with a capacity of 12-14 people accessible for people with disabilities. More information at
  • If there is a need, our professionals are also ready to help by providing social services to visually impaired people and their relatives who come to our territory from Ukraine. These include the provision of basic and specialized social counselling, social rehabilitation, as well as personal assistance, reading services and short-term loan of aids for visually impaired people. We can provide these services in the whole area of the Slovak Republic and it is possible to request them at the listed contacts
  • Last but not least, our goal is to provide psychological support to professionals to be able to cope with the current situation and to be able to properly approach the people fleeing their homes in Ukraine.

At the same time, we would like to ask and challenge our members and clients with visual impairment, their families and friends to keep calm and to ensure that their actions do not contribute to the polarization of the society. Together, let us try to be calm, empathetic and show personal commitment and solidarity.

For being informed on increased activity and dissemination of misinformation in connection with the attack on Ukraine, we recommend following official sources:

Important resources to help:

Important resources if you need help:​ – psychological online counselling for young people with disabilities (you can use e-mail and chat communication, people with hearing impairments video calls)